New ‚Gedankenexperimente‘

on Time, Space, and Matter

Ralf R. Lenke
April 2022


Albert Einstein’s special relativity theory (SRT) is a consistent implementation of the principle of relativity, i.e. the independence of the laws of nature from the observer’s state of motion. In the case of the general relativity theory (GRT), the assumption of the equivalence of acceleration and gravitation is added. Einstein’s RT is essentially a purely mathematical theory in which the question of why our universe fulfils the principle of relativity remains unanswered.

In this work, we continue the considerations of Huygens, Doppler, Lorentz, Poincaré and de Broglie and thus also arrive at the theory of relativity on an alternative, physically very descriptive path. Ultimately, in this path, the principle of relativity is not the starting point, but is implicit. It turns out that for light in any case, but also for matter waves, the SRT is nothing more than the Doppler effect. Thus, both the principle of relativity – and consequently SRT – as well as quantum mechanics are based on the wave character of nature.

As a consequence, it seems only natural to want to explain GRT via the wave character of nature, since it is already common to speak of gravitational lenses. In fact, this gravitational lensing model can be further extended in order to arrive at an equivalent and also very descriptive representation of GRT.

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